Beehive Collective: Dismantling Monoculture

Beehive Collective presents “DISMANTLING MONOCULTURE: Tales of Ants and Economics in the Americas.”

With three giant illustrated portable murals, a six foot tall fabric storybook “slideshow”, and an engaging narrative, the Bees take audiences on an interactive VISUAL tour of the connections between COLONIZATION, MILITARIZATION, and RESOURCE EXTRACTION in the Americas.

When: Thursday, April 12, 7:00 p.m.

Where: Henderson Room of the Michigan League, 911 N. University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

Who: Sponsored by the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality (SOLE).

Free and open to the public.

The Bees say: The Beehive Design collective’s work is anonymous and anti-copyright, for free use as popular education tools. We are working to dispel the tradition of activism that is based on books, experts, speeches, and “hoarding knowledge”, by creating communication methods that are more holistic, accessible and invite participation… inspiring action, instead of passive listening or absorbing. We build, and disseminate these visual tools with the hope that they will self-replicate, and take on life of their own. The overwhelming success of our graphics campaigns testify to the ability of visual tools for conveying ideas in powerful, effective ways unavailable to other forms of communication.


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